Phil Forester Provides Risk Expertise to Starick

Starick is a not-for-profit organisation supporting women and children escaping domestic and family violence. Working predominantly in Perth’s south-eastern metropolitan region, their vision is to build futures free from violence for the women and children who use their service and for the community as a whole.

Starick identified the need to review and update their current Risk Management Policy and Risk Register, but lacked the skills and funding to proceed with this exercise. They requested support from Volunteering WA to pair them up with a volunteer with knowledge in Risk Management to lend their expertise. Senior Risk Advisor Phil Forester was the perfect person for this project, with years of Risk Management experience under his belt. He is always looking to further improve and develop his skills and saw this as a great opportunity to do so, whilst also increasing the capability of a not-for-profit.

Leanne and PhilPhil helped Starick identify organisational risks and mitigation strategies and helped review Starick’s Risk Register and Risk Management Policy to ensure they reflected current best practice and met the needs of a crisis service. Risks were consolidated into 15 strategic and operational risks and controls were populated where possible. Phil worked with Starick throughout the process to help enhance Starick’s understanding and response to risk so they could continue to manage it effectively into the future.

On completion of the project, Phil presented Starick with a draft updated Risk Management Policy and Risk Register, which was presented to the Board in March and was very well received. Now equipped with skills and knowledge in the risk space, Starick collated the Board feedback and worked towards finalising the documents internally, as some risk causes and controls were specific to Starick and the documents could only be completed internally. These will then form part of Starick’s Policies and Procedures in the future, giving the Board, staff, clients and stakeholders confidence that Starick is a well-managed and safe organisation.

Starick CEO, Leanne Barron rated the experience of working with a skilled volunteer 5/5 and stated that her organisation would definitely choose to participate in skills-based volunteering again, valuing the donation of time over a dollar amount. Noting an improvement in their management system and increase in their capabilities, she had only praises to sing for Phil and the work he delivered.

“[Phil] was very easy to work with, and very understanding of the pressures on us as a not-for-profit organisation . . . He was also very knowledgeable about his area and able to apply his knowledge to our context.”