Risk & Compliance Team at Starick

Starick is a not for profit organisation founded in 1982 that supports women and children escaping domestic and family violence. In Australia, 1.6 million women experience some sort of domestic or family violence each year, which is a major contributor to homelessness among women and children. Starick’s vision is to build a future free from violence for the women, children and the the community as a whole.

Starick offer a range of services to victims of domestic violence including; two refuges, counselling, domestic violence advocate support, a lived experience program and 6 transitional houses. This year, Starick has plans to renovate and rejuvenate their 6 transitional homes, providing their clients with a home, not just a house.

“The support from the community to survivors of domestic violence is amazing.”

On the 19th of March 2019, Woodside’s Risk and Compliance team were tasked with the job of kick-starting the renovations of the first transitional home. This is the first time Volunteering WA has provided a corporate team to Startick, and were eager to see how the Woodside team handled the challenge.

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The Starick house was in desperate need of some TLC, and the team was given the mammoth task of painting the whole interior of the small 3x1 house. The day was kicked off by an introduction from Starick Business Manager Troy and CEO Leanne, who gave the team some background on what the NFP is all about. They then introduced a special guest Judith, a Lived experience Presenter to tell her story. Everyone was inspired by the strength it took Judith to stand up and tell her story.

After listening to Judith’s speech and asking a few questions, the team were ready to get stuck into the work. Everyone was given the initial task of sanding and cleaning the walls, and taping all the floors, door frames and all the nooks and crannies of the house. Once this was complete it was time to get stuck into the painting, with the goal to get the first coat done before lunch time.

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By the time it hit 1pm, the team had worked up a sweat on the 30 degree day finishing the first coat of paint and was ready for a well earned lunch. After lunch we hit a small road block, as the team ran out of paint mid second coat. Luckily one of the VWA coordinators was able to nip off to the closest Bunnings to get more paint, while the volunteers got stuck into cleaning the floors of the finished rooms and painting the doors and door frames.

With the return of the fresh paint, the Woodside team did one final push and managed to get two coats of paint on all rooms plus cleaning all the floors. The transformation was phenomenal, with everyone shocked by the difference a fresh coat of paint makes.

You can see more pictures from the team day HERE