Team bikes

Scarborough BU3 at Bicycles for Humanity 24.06.19

The SBU arrived at Bicycles for Humanity and got straight into work! The team broke up into pairs or worked alone if they felt their bike mechanic skills were strong. The key task for the day was to repair and clean up the BMX bikes which are going to be sent to remote communities in WA and given to youth

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Group photo of Contracting and Procurement Team in Rocky Bay gardens

Contracting and Procurement at Rocky Bay 2.8.19

The Contracting and Procurement team spent the day volunteering at Rocky Bay mulching and cleaning cars.

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Group photo of Geotechnical Operations team at Lake Claremont

Geotechnical operations at FOLC 1.8.19

The Geotechnical team spent the day volunteering with Friends of Lake Claremont, weeding and clearing dead matter from the understory of the bush land.

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SBU group photo outside Vinnies

Scarborough Business Unit at Vinnies 17.5.19

Members of the Scarborough Business Unit spent the morning volunteering at Vinnies warehouse in Canning Vale sorting clothes donations and making relief beds.

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