Customer Relationship Management Platform for Bicycling WA

Robert Murray

This year has been a big year for BWA, as they have been working hard with the state government, stakeholders and the wider community towards advocating for the development of bicycle infrastructure that will ensure that riding a bike is a safe and accessible activity in Western Australia.

This is crucial, as their vision is to see a million people riding a bike in Western Australia by the year 2020. Without safer, accessible roads the community will not be able to enjoy the benefits of improved health, lower costs and reduced road congestion that make bike riding enjoyable.

Today BWA have more than 14,000 members and friends throughout the state, which is rapidly growing! Membership is an integral part the sustainability and success of BWA, growing membership helps to strengthen the voice of BWA with policy and decision makers.

In order to keep track of its members and their activity, BWA recognised that a central, integrated system was needed. Bicycling WA are currently working off a number of data bases, such as memberships, event registrations, ‘friends’ and corporates-just to name a few. These data bases are used by all staff at BWA and mostly in MS Excel format.

Robert a Woodside volunteer and cyclist, signed up to help BWA solve this problem. Robert was able to work flexibly with BWA to determine their needs. He quickly identified and scoped alternative solutions, in the form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms.  Bicycling WA expressed that “Robert was fantastic to work with” and that once the platform has been implemented it will give BWA “more understanding of the purchase behaviour of our riders and be able to market to them in a more effective manner. We’ll also gain efficiencies with by saving time on internal processes”.

BWA cannot thank Robert enough for providing his time to guide BWA and provide professional expert advice. BWA look forward to getting this off the ground!

Check out the 'Sharing Skills' feature on Robert and Bicycling WA on pg 27 of Woodside Trunkline!