Browse Development Planning at Native ARC


Native ARC is a not-for-profit organisation located in the south metropolitan region of Perth. The organisation has two main priorities. The first is to provide medical attention and rehabilitation services to over 3000 injured/sick wildlife each year. They receive injured wildlife from the general public, vet clinics and rangers. The second priority is to educate the public and schools about the importance of wildlife conservation, sustainability and the need to protect the rich biodiversity in Western Australia.

The 29 members from Browse Development Planning had the opportunity to volunteer in early December. The group was game for all tasks despite the 29 degree heat. The large group was split up to do several tasks. Two separate groups tore up old slabs, moved them to a tip, levelled the ground and paved new pathways. One group cleared out a store room and reorganised it by rearranging the cupboards and folding a couple hundred towels and cloths which are used for the animals daily.

Another group was all smiles despite the gruelling task of scrubbing a cool room where the animals’ food is stored. The final task was clearing out a possum enclosure and renovating it so the two residents had a new exciting environment to call home.

A highlight for each volunteer was a tour around the organisation and the opportunity to meet some of the residents. The group was taken into the Joey area and they were able to pat and say hello to a group of baby kangaroos; they sure loved a scratch under the chin! At the end of the day there was also a special opportunity for the group to go with a volunteer to release some ducks out onto Bibra Lake.Cool room clean up

The biggest challenges of the day were scrubbing rat poo, playing Tetris with the concrete slabs and working hard in the heat. However the challenges provided a lot of laughs, the group really enjoyed themselves and the jobs were all completed in the end. Each Woodside volunteer was incredibly happy with the results of their effort and the Native ARC representatives were thrilled with all the work that was done. Awesome achievement, team!

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