Woodside help build a wall at Native ARC

In order to provide their amazing services, Native ARC has an animal hospital in the Bibra Lake area, which needed some sprucing up, which is where the Woodside volunteers jumped in to help. They were blessed with a sunny day to match their positive attitudes and smiling faces

We were amazed at everything the team managed to get done on the day. As soon as they arrived, the volunteers were quick to each take a paintbrush, wheelbarrow or shovel and get to work! They repainted the interior of the animal hospital and repaved the outdoor area, and what a difference it made!

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The largest part of the project, however, was the construction of a wall in the outdoor area, and wow! The team did such an amazing, professional job, with the volunteers expressing a sense of achievement and offered praise and gratitude to their teammates. Woodside volunteer, Steven Davis, expressed “Great team effort, job well done!” Another volunteer also confirmed Steven’s feelings about the day, adding “Great to see the project through from start to finish, with what we thought was a great outcome.”

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 Yes, it definitely was a great outcome! This project was certainly not a walk in the park, but volunteer Brad Cooper joked “A bit of physical work never hurt no-one”. And at the end of the hard day’s work, the volunteers got to wind down and spend some time with Native ARC’s furry friends, which they all enjoyed.

The volunteers all agreed this was an excellent experience with volunteer Brad Cooper commenting it was “one of the more positive volunteering days I've experienced”. They all commented that the experience gave them an opportunity to improve their teamwork and communication skills as well as gain awareness of not-for-profit organisations and the services they provide.

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After a great experience, all volunteers agreed they would definitely take up volunteering again in the future and recommend it to their colleagues. We can’t wait to see what the Woodside volunteers can achieve next! Great job team!

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