Contracting & Procurement Team Volunteer at Native ARC

At workNative ARC is a not for profit organisation located in the south metropolitan region of Perth. Their work revolves around two important priorities. One is to provide medical attention and rehabilitation services to over 3000 injured/ sick wildlife each year. They receive injured wildlife from the general public, vet clinics, rangers. The second priority is to educate the public, schools about the importance of wildlife conservation and need to protect rich biodiversity around us.

The 6 member team from the Contracting & Procurement department had the opportunity to volunteer at Native ARC in November. Their tasks included cleaning up garden areas, transporting compost to a garden bed, weeding, raking leaves, and more.

The fantastic volunteers fought gamely through the smell of compost, pesky flies and even the fear of snakes! They proceeded through every task efficiently and always had a smile on their faces despite the heat.

“It was great to get out into the outdoors and help out an organisation that does so much for native animals.”

Woodside volunteer


The team also helped clean out near the bird enclosures and with assembling some new enclosures. They were later treated to a tour of the facility where they had the opportunity to meet the ‘patients’ and ‘residents’ who lived under the care of the lovely Native ARC volunteers. These included a variety of birds, kangaroos, possums and other animals.

Overall, the team had an amazing time working together and truly appreciated the efforts taken by the local volunteers for the work they put in daily in order to help protect the wildlife and educate the public about the importance of biodiversity. The volunteers are eager to come back next year to help out more at the site, provided the sun stays away!

To see the team in action click here!