Drilling and Completions at Directions

Directions Disability Support Service is an organisation who provides a wide variety high quality support across the metropolitan area that is flexible, creative and inclusive. Directions aims to help its clients achieve their aspirations and get the very best out of life by:

  • Supporting peopel to become active members of their community;
  • Enancing confidence and helping people build independance skills;
  • Assisting people to volunteer and work towards employment;
  • Helping people build their social skills through groups such as Teen Spirit;
  • Finding ideal host families;
  • Providing all the support and personal care necessary for people to get the most out of every day;
  • Providing Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology Physiotherapy and Social Work

Directions prides itself on providing relationship-based support that enables people to dream big and achieve their desired goals. This is facilitated in its activities and therapy space, the Humming Bird Room, named after its emblem, the humming bird – the only bird in the world that can fly in every direction, forwards, backwards, sideways and all ways.

Woodside’s Drilling and Completions team took some time out of their busy week to come together and give back, in the form of some interior design for the Humming Bird Room. Working together with two Directions’ clients, the team spruced up the space with a few coats of fresh paint.

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The team carefully moved furniture and laid tarp over the carpets before grabbing a brush or roller and getting cracking.

The team brightened up the rooms by painting over the original brickwork with coats of fresh, white paint. And they painted over the pale green plaster walls with a refreshing cream colour. By the end of the day, the space looked brighter, fresher, and brand new! And we can picture the Directions’ clients having a wonderful time using this space in the future.

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Directions is all about building relationships that make a difference, and it really looked like the team built on their relationships by working on this project, with the volunteers stating one of their key positive outcomes from the day was the opportunity to work and bond as a team. Of course, they also commented on the “chance to help someone and give back” and “contributing to society” by creating a “cleaner and brighter space for Directions”.

“[I] enjoyed talking [to and] working with Emma [and] knowing she could enjoy the effort [we] put into today was amazing..”

Woodside Volunteer.

The volunteers walked away with their heads held high at a job very well done! And with the words “rewarding”, “fulfilling”, “meaningful” and “fun” ringing in their minds.

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