Composting, gardening, propagating plants and eating pumpkin soup at North Perth Community Garden

In the winter of 2013, a desolate weedy neglected space was turned into a vibrant, urban North Perth Community Garden (NPCG) by a number of dedicated volunteers. With the generous support from City of Vincent, NPCG started offering memberships in October 2013. Since then, NPCG has developed a strong community focus, working collaboratively with other community groups which includes Vincent Men’s shed, North Perth Tennis Club and North Perth Bowling Club. In 2015, they ran education seminars and workshops for the community and has continue to evolve to this date.

North Perth Community Garden seek to be innovative within a garden atmosphere whilst using well established ways of growing plants as organically as possible. They adopted a concept of Zero Waste in their garden, where all green waste is fed through their composting system and back into the garden.

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17 volunteers from Woodside Drilling and Completion team had the opportunity to visit the North Perth Community Garden. They were tasked to work on various projects and soon after the briefing, each one reached out for the tools, eager to start. Some have little experience in gardening so this was a great opportunity for them to pick up some gardening skills. One of the volunteers commented that it was good to be outdoor and interact with their colleagues whom they seldom get a chance to talk to when onsite.

It was a busy sight as some volunteers move the compost and bins across the garden to the loading bay area while another team helped on maintenance of fruit trees. Others were weeding and tidying the native garden beds. Another team got to propagate new plants for the greenhouse. They also helped removed the pumpkin from its vine and tidied it up. One of NPCG staff, Emily later prepared pumpkin soup and the team get to enjoy the freshness and sweetness of the pumpkin for their afternoon tea. Everyone was delighted and felt fantastic as the task executed had a noticeable benefit to the garden. Longer labour hours would have been spent however, with the amazing teamwork from Woodside volunteers, the task was completed in a day.

“I’ll definitely undertake more volunteering roles and recommend volunteering to all my friends!”– Woodside Volunteer

Well Done team!


To see the team in action, click here!