Dixon Lowe Helps Volunteering WA Improve JHA Process

Volunteering WA is the peak body for volunteering in WA and runs an extensive corporate volunteering program. It is their responsibility to organise team volunteering days for Woodside and other corporate organisations that are invested in giving to the community. In planning these days, Volunteering WA conducts a Job Hazard Analysis to help ensure everyone is prepared for a safe day of volunteering.

After attending a team volunteering day himself, Dixon Lowe noticed that many on the team skimmed the JHA document before signing it. He also noticed that the JHA briefing did not include information about emergency measures. Dixon took the initiative to contact VWA and offer assistance to improve VWA’s management systems by working with staff to develop the Supervisors HSE pack.

Dixon conducted a review of the JHA document and provided an initial set of recommendations. He also held an OHS workshop for VWA staff and provided suggestions on how to format the JHA document to consolidate the several page document with the goal of getting participants to read it if it’s shorter and sharper.

Once these suggestions were outlined, VWA adopted the recommended changes for the remaining 2017 team volunteering days and touched base with Dixon to provide feedback on what was working and what wasn't. VWA identified that the key step that was the most challenging to adopt was encouraging the team to provide their input to the JHA during the JHA briefing at the beginning of the volunteering day.

After meeting with Dixon and discussing the challenges with the approach VWA went back to the original process. The JHA document was then consolidated further to include site specific hazards (with the community organisations input and site specific emergency evacuation procedures) and key hazards relating to the tasks. An incident report was also included in the document.Supervisors Pack

After a round of tweaking, VWA had a well formed Supervisors HSE pack. The biggest outcomes include:

    • JHA document reviewed and reduced from 10 pages to 5 pages, which makes it easier for volunteers to read.
    • JHA now includes a checklist for the Coordinator Corporate Events to ensure they have covered everything.
    • Inclusion of volunteer names on the JHA, which reminds us that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“ Dixon was very giving of his time and expertise. I really valued his suggestions and encouragement to try different approaches. Working with Dixon boosted my knowledge in HSE as well as my confidence in collating the JHA document and conducting the HSE briefing..”

Angelina Fernandez, Coordinator Corporate Events

With Dixon’s help there has been a shift in volunteers’ approach to safety on volunteering days which has become evident through discussions between volunteers and suggestions that arise in the briefing/check ins. Volunteering WA felt that Dixon really listened to the needs of the team volunteering program and valued his contribution having been on a team day and an expert in his field. He was able to provide upskilling to staff through his advice and assistance that would have otherwise been difficult for VWA to gain access to.

Dixon found volunteering was a good opportunity to contribute to others. He highly recommends volunteering to his colleagues and we look forward to him volunteering again!