Grad team develops and delivers training for refugees and asylum seekers looking for work

“We learnt about the kind of problems these refugees face, and how to professionally conduct the workshop without triggering sensitive issues.”

Woodside Graduate Team Leader

The Australian Red Cross’ Migration Support Program (MSP) provides assistance and support to recently arrived refugees and asylum seeks working towards independence and confidence in the community. Their work aims to strengthen the capacity of people impacted by migration to seek opportunities and sustainable solutions for themselves and their families—including employment opportunities.

The MSP approached the Woodside Grad team to assist the program to design and deliver training on resume writing and job seeking skills to MSP clients who are not able to access mainstream services. This project was part of a wider Red Cross program called Job Café. The Grads worked together to pool their respective knowledge about resume writing and interview processes, largely from their own recent experiences as jobseekers.

The Grads pointed out that they found the process challenging in that they had to “prepare and deliver a workshop to a group with varying levels of English.” Additionally, he reported, “It was also challenging to ensure the team understood the Red Cross’ clients and the challenges these people may have faced and ensuring the workshop was fit for the purpose of the Red Cross’ clients.”

“The workshop Woodside provided on resume writing has continued to be useful to provide further workshops to clients who are job seeking.”

Sian Gair, Red Cross Program Officer

Despite these challenges, the Grads created a training package that was comprehensive and very useful for the Red Cross to implement again in future workshops. The Red Cross team found working with the Woodside Grads to be very insightful as the Grads “were able to give a real world perspective on job seeking and employment.” Sian Gair, MSP Coordinator, noted that she “felt it was useful to provide graduates with information on the difficulties faced by our clients” giving the Grads the chance to “experience some of the challenges facing our staff in providing workshops for very vulnerable groups.”