Grads streamline and simplify visitor sign-in and registration system for Marilla House

“ We felt a strong sense of camaraderie throughout the duration of the project.”

Woodside Graduate team leader

Marilla House is a community centre for local families in the Rockingham area. The Centre runs playgroups, craft groups and mums & bubs groups for which they require participants to complete registration forms and sign-in sheets. As Marilla House continues to grow, their limited staff and volunteers were finding that the paperwork was becoming increasingly cumbersome and they worried that they might lose track of some of their members.

Initially Marilla House asked the Woodside Grad team to create an iPad app that would help to streamline their sign-in and registration processes to reduce paperwork and ultimately free up their limited resources. Rather than creating a brand new app, the Grad team proposed that Marilla house instead adopt a Google form to ensure a user-friendly, simple process. Additionally, the form that the Grads created will allow Marilla House to easily produce information to apply for additional grants and funding.

Allison Sampson, Marilla House’s Manager and sole employee, reported that “what the Grads have proposed will be most helpful for documenting and reporting information about our services.” Allison went on to say that she was “surprised that despite the minimal contact with the team, they were able to produce exactly what we wanted with such little information provided” at the start of the project.

The Grad team leader noted that they team felt “a strong sense of camaraderie throughout the duration of the project” and that “real change was being felt from the work we were delivering.”

“ This was too hard to do on my own and [the Grads] were able to do it without any fuss.”