Producing Assets and Gas Forecasting Help Make a Home for Native Animals

Please enter an image description.The day’s adventure began with a team of 30. They headed to the hills to Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, a rehabilitation centre for Australian wildlife. The mission of the organisation is to engage people in the community through the areas of caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, wildlife education, captive breeding, research and personal and social well-being.

In order to help Kanaya achieve their mission the team made possum boxes, mulched animal enclosures, prepared food for the animals, and did some general grounds keeping. To get them started the coordinator for Kanyana, Trish, and her team explained briefly what they do there and showed the group what needed to be done.

The team quickly broke into groups to weed, clear out gardens to prepare for the fire season, clean out animal enclosures and prepare new homes for possums. Trish showed a video to give the team a better idea about what they do and the importance of their work. The video really inspired the group and brought a renewed level of energy and excitement to get back to the jobs they were doing. Everyone was excited to be a part of what Kanyana is doing in the environment and community.

The team powered through the jobs and to conclude the day went on a tour to meet some of the resident animals. Highlights from the tour included meeting an emu, an echidna, cockatoos and many more. The team thoroughly enjoyed the day out of the office and the opportunity to be a part of an organisation that looks after the wonderful wildlife and landscape we have in Western Australia.

Want to see the team in action? Click here to see the photos from the day.

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