Green Fingers at St. John of God Hospital

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” said the amazing Audrey Hepburn and that is exactly what the team at Woodside set out to do on their team volunteering day at St. John of God Hospital in Subiaco. Armed with some garden tools and cheery dispositions, the team did a marvelous landscaping job on their team day, while taking advantage of the great weather and sunshine that came in the afternoon.

St. John of God Hospital in Subiaco is the oldest hospital in Western Australia, it was founded in 1898, and underwent a major rebuilding to upgrade the quality of services provided to it patients in 1981. The hospital boasts state of the art medical facilities with experienced, well-trained professional healthcare providers at the helm, and is proud to be the first hospital in Western Australia to obtain a da Vinci robotic surgical system for delicate surgeries.

The Woodside team were able to cover an enormous amount of ground, and as always, worked efficiently and systematically to weed, prune and plant rose bushes in the front gardens for the benefit of the patients, visitors and staff of the hospital. It was a project that brought the team together in a more informal setting, allowing for bonding between colleagues and some good physical exercise in the fresh air too! Overall, it was certainly a productive day for the team, and they brought back great memories from a job well done at the hospital.

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