Andrea Kesterson uses HR expertise to review role descriptions and realign each with best practice guidelines


“On top of my day job which is to increase shareholder value, I was able to help increase the quality of life for those less fortunate. Such a rewarding feeling.”

Andrea Kesterson, Woodside Volunteer

Throughout its history, The Spiers Centre Inc. has been available to assist people who have been disadvantaged in some way, and to provide assistance to all those in the community who have  needed  help in developing or changing  their life situations. In 2014, The Spiers Centre Inc. undertook a strategic planning process which affirmed the vision, purpose and the principles which guide their work.

Following their strategic planning process, the Centre determined that they needed to realign many of their staff role descriptions to better align with Human Resources best practices. They needed a skilled volunteer to review eight role descriptions, renew them and align them with current best practice guidelines. This would provide a starting point for importing the descriptions into a performance scorecard and would facilitate easier implementation of future succession plans.

“This project enabled us to tap into skilled expertise which meant that the work could be done quickly as it was second nature to our volunteer.”

Helena Jakupovic, The Spiers Centre CEO

Andrea Kesterson, IS&S Category Specialist with Woodside’s Contracting & Procurement team, was excited about using her professional skills and HR experience to take on this challenge. Following an initial meeting with The Spiers Centre CEO Helena Jakupovic, Andrea began reviewing the position descriptions against similar roles in other not-for-profits and identified any gaps she saw within the Centre’s current structure. Andrea noted, “I felt so much satisfaction working on a project outside my normal job which I knew I was making a difference.”

For Helena and her colleagues at The Spiers Centre, Andrea’s contributions “elevated the manner in which [the role descriptions] were written” which will ultimately “lift the calibre of candidates recruited and sends a strong message around the level of performance that is now expected.” The comprehensive review that Andrea provided as a volunteer meant that the Centre could allocate those resources back to their core business: building a strong caring community free of adversity. 

By the end of the project, Helena could not say enough about the experience of working with such a skilled professional, saying "Andrea was exceptional. She had many unexpected work pressures and commitments that consumed her time, but she never defaulted on her commitment to this project..and she should be commended for her persistence and resiliency."

“Andrea was a delight to deal with and added value in all aspects of what she did.”