Risk and Compliance team at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The Risk and Compliance team spent their team volunteering day out in the Perth hills providing assistance to Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation are a native animal rescue organisation who strive to focus their energy on five key areas: Caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, wildlife education, captive breeding, research and personal and social wellbeing. With only one paid staff, the organisation are heavily reliant on the help they receive from volunteers, including corporate teams!

Kanyana have hosted Woodside teams in the past and were prepared for the team’s arrival with their long list of tasks for the team to tackle. One big task for the day involved sorting out one of Kanyana’s large storage sheds, which contained a mix of trash and treasure. The group who tackled this did not hesitate to get straight into the task, pulling all the items out of the shed, sorting through them and either throwing out the unwanted items or organising the remaining items back into the shed. After the group were finished, the space was completely transformed into tidy and accessible space!

The group who worked on shovelling sand into the Biliby’s enclosure were lucky enough to see one of the male bilbies who was staying up past his bedtime.  This was particular special as many of the volunteers rarley get a chance to see them.

The team also went through the site and pruned several large bushes and trees so as to help reduce risk of fire damage to enclosures and buildings. Others rolled up their sleeves and planted trees in some of the larger enclosures.

The team worked collaboratively to tackle tasks and completed each one with smiles on their faces. One volunteer commented that a positive experience from the day was "spending time with work friends." It was great to see the team work enjoy themselves throughout the day!

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“ Many outstanding jobs were complete.”

Tasha, Hospital Manager Kanyana Wildlife.

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