Grad team clarifies and simplifies Volleyball WA Risk Management Plan for Board review

As the peak body for volleyball in the state, Volleyball WA is responsible for setting the state-wide standard for a risk management plan that aligns with best practice guidelines. Volleyball WA was keen to ensure they are compliant with the Workplace Health & Safety act, thereby improving stakeholder confidence and governance practices. Volleyball WA also hoped to establish a reliable basis for decision-making and planning.

While none of the team members on the Grad team of volunteers had any close experience with risk management strategies, they were able to pool their wide resources to find the answers to their questions and to deliver a high quality report to Volleyball WA. According to Helen Webb, Volleyball WA Operations & Support Manager, “The Woodside team provided an independent review of the proposed Volleyball WA Risk Management Strategy; clarifying and simplifying the content, enabling a first draft to be presented to the Volleyball WA Board for discussion and adoption.”

Ultimately, the Woodside Grads were forced to push well outside of their comfort zones to complete a project that lives outside their traditional skillsets. These challenges aside, the Grad Team Leader reported, “The team gained invaluable experience from working with Volleyball WA. We enjoyed working as a team to achieve an outcome we were proud of and we were able to give back to the community.”

“The team were very professional, helpful and punctual. They were a pleasure to work with and we are very grateful for their assistance.”