James Tarrant and Patrick Bae Design Website for Northam Gun Club

Northam Gun Club exists to provide a safe and enjoyable venue for social and competitive clay target shooting. They were seeking help to update and improve their website as they knew an enhanced website would encourage more people to join the club, learn more about clay target shooting and grow the sport overall. The club's website was designed and managed by the Secretary through Weebly, meaning it had very limited options in design and function.

Northam Gun Club Old Website

Enter grads James Tarrant and Patrick Bae. As a team, they were able to step in and determine the club’s needs for their new website. Not only did they design the site on a new platform, they also made sure it was easy to navigate and appealing to look at. Upon completion of the project they were able to handover to the club Secretary a manual with notes so that the Secretary can keep the site up to date moving forward.

Northam Gun Club New Website

Great work, team!