Training video for VWA

Training Video for Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA (VWA) makes a difference by connecting thousands of volunteers to many community organisations. Managing this large number of volunteers is supported by VIRA (Volunteer Information Records Administrator): an IT product that VWA owns, uses and sells. With the aim to promote VIRA to a wider audience more effectively, VWA reached out to Woodside to assist with the creation of a walkthrough training video.

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Woodside and Awards WA

Workforce Plan for Awards WA

Awards WA works to provide the community with opportunities to invest in youth, enabling them to become confident and resilient members of society. The organisation needed help during the development of a workforce plan and a volunteer from Woodside was happy to help.

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CWLH Policies and Procedures Review

Policies and Procedures Review for CWLH

City West Lotteries House (CWLH) is a community service organisation, intent on providing opportunities for the WA not-for-profit sector to enjoy comfortable and affordable office space and hire facilities in a prime central location on the fringe of the Perth CBD. CHLW needed a skilled volunteer to assist with a review of their policies and procedures and a Woodside team member was just the person to help.

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Madjitil Moorna

Process Improvement Support for Madjitil Moorna

Madjitil Moorna is a choir group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who rehearse and perform Aboriginal songs and sing in language to build understanding, hope and joy. The organisation had identified the opportunity to improve some of their processes and they sought the assistance of a skilled volunteer to guide this update. With a keen interest in volunteering and the required skillset, Rey Jr Rombawa was just the person to help.

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