VisAbility and dog

Expert OH&S guidance for VisAbility WA

VisAbility is a leading provider of disability services specialising in supporting people who are blind or vision impaired. VisAbility requested support to interpret recent changes to OH&S legislation that could significantly affect VisAbility's operations and what changes (if any) VisAbility would need to implement to comply.

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beach volly

Risk Management Plan Review for Volleyball WA

As the peak body for volleyball in the state, Volleyball WA is responsible for setting the state-wide standard for a risk management plan that aligns with best practice guidelines. Volleyball WA was keen to ensure they are compliant with the Workplace Health & Safety act, thereby improving stakeholder confidence and governance practices. Volleyball WA also hoped to establish a reliable basis for decision-making and planning.

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MSP training

Job Seekers Training for Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross’ Migration Support Program (MSP) provides assistance and support to recently arrived refugees and asylum seeks working towards independence and confidence in the community. Their work aims to strengthen the capacity of people impacted by migration to seek opportunities and sustainable solutions for themselves and their families—including employment opportunities.

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play structure

Online Registration Form for Marilla House

Marilla House is a community centre for local families in the Rockingham area. The Centre runs playgroups, craft groups and mums & bubs groups for which they require participants to complete registration forms and sign-in sheets. As Marilla House continues to grow, their limited staff and volunteers were finding that the paperwork was becoming increasingly cumbersome and they worried that they might lose track of some of their members.

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