Project Planning

Project Planning for Wanslea

Wanslea is a registered charity that promotes community, family, and individual development through partnerships and services. Wanslea needed assistance in the development of a project plan for their upcoming state election campaign and a Senior Planner from Woodside was just the person to help.

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CRM Review for City West Lotteries House

City West Lotteries House (CWLH) provides affordable office accommodation to not-for-profit organisations. CWLH sought the assistance of a skilled volunteer to provide a report on recommendations for a more effective and efficient management system solution, and reached out to Volunteering WA to help find someone who could help.

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Training video for VWA

Training Video for Volunteering WA

Volunteering WA (VWA) makes a difference by connecting thousands of volunteers to many community organisations. Managing this large number of volunteers is supported by VIRA (Volunteer Information Records Administrator): an IT product that VWA owns, uses and sells. With the aim to promote VIRA to a wider audience more effectively, VWA reached out to Woodside to assist with the creation of a walkthrough training video.

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Woodside and Awards WA

Workforce Plan for Awards WA

Awards WA works to provide the community with opportunities to invest in youth, enabling them to become confident and resilient members of society. The organisation needed help during the development of a workforce plan and a volunteer from Woodside was happy to help.

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