Mellisa and Aastha

Marketing Strategic Plan for WA Fairhaven

WA Fairhaven (WAFH) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to serve the community by providing services to families experiencing difficulties and challenges following family separation. WAFH were looking to improve their services and understanding the importance of having a strong and effective online presence. Aastha Khanna had both the skills and the desire to help, and was quick to put her hand up for this project.

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Karen and Dana

Shared Workspace Guidelines for Volunteering WA

On 14 March 2019, VWA moved into their new office with new shared workspaces and an open plan layout. They wanted to take this opportunity to create shared workplace etiquette guidelines and needed volunteers to facilitate a session with their staff to help them generate these guidelines and help ensure VWA staff worked effectively and respectfully in their new environment. Dana Budzinski and Karen Turner, who both work in the Stakeholder and Engagement department at Woodside, saw this as a great opportunity to work together and do something good for the community.

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Cyber Workshop

Woodside Volunteer Provides Cyber Security Expertise for VWA Members

Volunteering WA (VWA) makes a difference by connecting thousands of volunteers to many community organisations. With regular communication with its more than 700 member organisations, VWA is in a unique position to identify the needs of multiple community groups. Increasing online security is a topic that frequently arises for these not-for-profits, clubs and organisations. An opportunity was seen for a corporate volunteer to run workshops on how to be more ‘tech savvy’ and digitally aware and secure.

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Cath and Emma

Policy and Procedure Manual for North Perth Community Garden

North Perth Community Garden (NPCG) is an 820m2 space that is more than just a place for individuals to garden. It strives to be an integral part of the local community by being a hub for people to meet, share, socialise and learn. As its member base grows, NPCG identified a need for its policies and procedures to ensure the NPCG committee and its members had a clear understanding of how tasks associated with the community garden are done and to ensure they are done in a consistent and transparent manner.

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