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Sustainable Energy Project for Cheeditha Group Aboriginal Corporation

Cheeditha Group Aboriginal Corporation (CGAC) is a small community of around fifty people living on 400 hectares of freehold land four kilometres from Roebourne. Cheeditha community members are very keen to develop an economic base to sustain their community and move away from any reliance on welfare.

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Meerilinga SBV

Reconciliation Action Plan for Meerilinga

Meerilinga had drafted a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and was in need of a volunteer to help them review and finalise it, to enable them to better serve those in the community. They also required support to develop an implementation plan for the RAP. The objectives within the RAP needed to be achievable so it could be implemented easily and transform the way Meerilinga delivers services. It also needed to be flexible so it can be implemented across Meerilinga’s seven sites in both Whadjuk and Ballardung regions of the Noongar people.

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Strategic Risk Assessment for WestCycle

The Board of WestCycle was preparing to develop a strategic risk register and appropriate controls to ensure they had considered its strategic risks and subsequently put in place the relevant action plan to manage the identified strategic risks. They needed the assistance of a skilled volunteer to make this happen.

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Woodside Volunteer Develops Horticulture Business Plan for Wongutha CAPS

Wongutha CAPS (Christian Aboriginal Parent-directed School) provides education and training for Year 11-12 students from remote Aboriginal communities throughout Western Australia. These students predominantly come from low socio-economic or disadvantaged backgrounds. The school based in Esperance engaged Volunteering WA to get a skilled volunteer on board to help develop a Horticulture Business Plan to enable them to develop a productive and sustainable vegetable garden and orchard. This area would not only support the school, but could also potentially produce fruit and vegetables that could be marketed and sold commercially.

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