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Streamlined Rostering System for Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation

Murujuga Aborigial Corporation (MAC) is the approved corporate body for the Burrup Maitland Industrial Estates Agreement (BMIEA), administering the implementation of contractual obligations of the BMIEA. MAC owns freehold title to the Murujuga National Park (4,913 ha) which adjoins the industrial land. The heritage sites and adjoining lands are co-managed by MAC and the Department of Parks & Wildlife. Murujuga Land and Sea Unit (MLSU) were in need of a rostering system that would allow them to manage their staff on a weekly basis allowing them to understand what shifts, and particularly what weekend patrols, each staff member was allocated to.

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Jess and Andy

Business Risk Framework for Cahoots (formerly Kids’ Camps)

Kids’ Camps (recently rebranded to Cahoots) is always open to ways to improve their organisation and operate at a high level. They identified that a fit for purpose risk management framework was needed and having accessed skilled volunteers through Volunteering WA previously, they knew if they sought out assistance this way again they would be matched with a high calibre volunteer to complete this project.

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Robyn and Jo

Strategic Plan for Earth Science WA

The role of ESWA is to support the teaching of earth science in schools by developing teaching and learning resources, providing professional development for teachers, presenting at schools and assisting with field experiences for students. ESWA achieves this through two major projects: The Woodside Australian Science Project (WASP) producing Australian Curriculum Earth Science packages for Year 4-12 supported by teacher training and incursions. The Primary Australian Literacy Mathematics & Science (PALMS) Program producing Australian Curriculum packages centred around Earth Science topics for Kindergarten to Year 5 with follow-up activities across other subjects.

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John and Ricardo

Membership Management Solution for STAWA

The Science Teachers Association of WA (STAWA) convenes and facilitates professional learning for teachers of science, develops and disseminates exemplary science learning and teaching resources, ensures recognition of quality teachers and students of science, and advocates for members, teachers of science and science education.

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