MIC Engineering at Dismantle

A small group from the MIC Engineering Team spent a Friday afternoon in the Dismantle bike workshop in West Leederville. Dismantle are a local organisation that focus on empowering at-risk youth through mentoring and bicycle mechanic workshops. A big part of the program is for young people to learn how to repair a bike, and to then donate that bike to charity. At times the students may fall behind, so to ensure the mentees are kept on track their mentors will finish that particular stage of the repair process for them. This has been quite tricky for the mentors who can have several bikes to work on per week and as such the team from MIC team were a godsend as they helped to get the bikes rigged and ready for donation.

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Geoscience at Native ARC

Upon arrival to Native ARC the team eagerly collected their PPE, and walked over to the enclosures where they were split into two groups. One group worked on a small demountable located within the Kangaroo enclosure, which was stripped and cleaned of dirt and debris. Admittedly, it was tricky to stay on task, as the curious and very friendly Kangaroos kept distracting the team to say "Hi!". The other team members visited Vinnie the wombat and relevelled all his burrows that he had worked so hard to create - this was to create enrichment for Vinnie's mind and to stimulate him, by presenting him with a fresh personal project.

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Digital Teams at Homeless Connect Bump-In (Warehouse & Russell Square)

Every year for the past five years, the Digital Team show their support to Homeless Connect by dedicating their Team Volunteering Day to help with preparing for Homeless Connect. One team helped pack and stack away all the equipment and boxes full of donations that were to go to the site and the second team helped to bump-in at Russell Square the following day.

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Engineering at Native ARC

Native ARC welcomed 17 volunteers from the Engineering team on a lovely November morning. The team were treated to a brief site tour and induction, where they met birds, reptiles, roos, Vinnie the wombat and the dingo pups. After the meet and greet the team were shown the day to day tasks that the regular Native ARC volunteers carry out. The tour provided the team with an opportunity to get a feel for the site, it helped to create an awareness and understanding of who they would be supporting on the day – the animals and Native ARC’s regular volunteers! Dean, Manager of Native ARC emphasised that as the regular volunteers are occupied carrying out the day to day tasks, they often don’t have the time (or skills) to execute the bigger projects work. This is why teams like Woodside are highly valuable over the past 4 years by Native ARC.

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