Development team at Kanyana Wildlife Rahabilitation Centre

The Development team spent a lovely sunny winter day helping Kanyana tick off their long list of 'to dos'. The day was also spent learning about the resident animals as wells at meeting them!

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Geoscience Technology planting at AGLG, 10th August

The Geoscience and Technology team volunteered to plant over 1,000 plants for Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group.

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AOU Team at Breast Cancer Care

AOU team help tidy and decorate Breast Cancer Care client’s Home

The Australian Operating Unit (AOU) team came together on a windy and wet morning to help one of Breast Cancer Care’s (BCC) clients to clear, clean out and spruce up her front and back yards.

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Brownfields Team at Rottnest Island

Woodside help repaint Rottnest Island cottages

Rottnest Island is an A-Class Reserve governed by the Rottnest Island Authority Act, 1987 (the Act), which establishes the Rottnest Island Authority as a statutory body to control and manage the Island, reporting to the Minister for Tourism. The Act gives the Authority the power to control and manage the Island for the following purposes: • Provide and operate recreational and holiday facilities on the Island • Protect the flora and fauna of the Island • Maintain and protect the natural environment and the man-made resources of the Island • To the extent that the Authority’s resources allow, repair its natural environment.

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