Volunteers with Pat

Contracting & Procurement and Production Maintenance at Meerilinga

Meerilinga is a not-for-profit organisation in their 105th year of service. They have a number of facilities around Perth offering education services, parent and child services, and programs for a variety of clients including low SES, Indigenous people and culturally and linguistically diverse clients. Their motto is promoting positive childhoods and their mission is to be outstanding in the development and well-being of children and to support their families and community as a local, independent, charitable organisation. The Meerilinga early learning centre provides a three year old program, parent resources and workshops and location offices for other child health and education services.

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Hard at work

Process Engineering at Baptistcare Rockingham

The Process Engineering team dodged in and out of unusual November rain as they worked on gardening and fixing up benches. While the rain came down they were able to bring genuine joy to the hearts of the residents as they played games, painted, and had a laugh.

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Team Photo

Projects Function/NWS Business Unit at Homeless Connect Warehouse

Homeless Connect is a day that provides opportunities to the homeless, marginalised, and people of Perth in need. Around 32 service providers such as Nurses, Dentists, Hairdressers and Photographers volunteer their time. People who do not have any identification like a birth certificate can be assisted and there are activities provided for families with children to enjoy. It was a fantastic day for all who were involved and it made a difference in the lives of the 1800 guests who attended this year.

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Group Photo

IT Operations, Science and Innovation Capability Bump In for Homeless Connect

Homeless Connect is an Australia-wide project and has been running in Perth for the past 8 years. The event, held on 9 November 2016, helps to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for the ever-growing homeless community. A team of volunteers from the IT Operations, Science and Innovation Capability departments helped out with all of the ‘bump in’ work that needed to be done.

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