Reservoir Management team at Chilcott Gardens.

Reservoir Management at AGLG 18.9.19

The Reservoir Management team spent the day planting at the Chilcott Gardens with Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group.

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Group photo of Reservoir Development team at John Oaky Davies Park.

Reserovior Development at AGLG 10.09.19

Reservior Development team spends the day planting at John Oaky Davies Park with Armadale Gosnells Landcare Group.

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D&C at KMBC 28.06.19

The team's day began with an early morning team-building ride, which set the theme for the day, before they settled down, ready to work hard. Following some big rains in the area, the pathways were muddy and full of puddles - very helpful for the group, as they worked to find and rectify track areas that needed better drainage

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NWS Gas Team at Dismantle 21.06.19

We've all heard that developing and utilising new skills in a meaningful way can have a profound effect on one's mental health. Educational biking facility Dismantle strives to put this learning into action. The youthfocused not-for-profit works to educate at-risk young people with hands-on mechanical skills, mentoring participants in cleaning and fixing bikes

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